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Santa Fe

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The perfect incorporation of homely vibes with a forest cottage style gives shape to the Santa Fe. The ligneous look with cedar beauty interiors brings glory to this tiny house. Its simple yet impressive layout highlights itself and emits a rustic charm.
The Ligneous Trailer Home


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Tiny House on Wheels

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33′ x 8′
The Details:

The Santa Fe resembles the built of a typical mobile trailer home in structure but the features proffered by this tiny house are far more superior and wondrous. This elongated house stretched up to 376 SF and has a 26’+7’ gooseneck length. The well-designed interior may appear basic at first but for sure displays a character of hospitable ataraxy to guests and residents alike.

The compact living area can fit a moderate L-shaped sofa onlooking the open kitchen. The abutting stairs lead up to the loft where a king-sized mattress can be easily roomed. On its opposite end is a pair of identical loft and stairs that adjoin the kitchen. A single countertop with a copper sink, 3 burner propane stove, oven and inbuilt custom rustic pine cabinets comprise the kitchen. The space beneath the stairs is adequately used to create cupboards for storing goods and chattels.

The lavatory has a nature’s head composting toilet situated across the 5’ long acrylic bathtub with drapes. The bathroom basin is made up of hammered copper just like the kitchen sink and has an artistic touch to it. A washing machine is fixed next to the commode and bathroom vanity and medicine cabinets are provided and the bathroom has decent space to maneuver.

The shou-sugi ban stairs and exterior trim are water-resistant and can prove to be long-lasting while the appearance of these remains top-notch. The use of luxury vinyl planks for flooring as well as ceramic tiles ensures quality and durability. The kitchen stairs lead up to the loft with the capacity of a queen-sized mattress and both the lofts together can conveniently accommodate 4 people. The metal pro panel roof is a great feature that is rain and snow resistant and is prevents any water damage. It is also long lasting and safeguarded against fire risks from lightning plus has the added benefit of looking stylish.

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Our Thoughts

The Santa Fe is a cleverly designed tiny house that not only provides space and all the required amenities but also reflects the remarkable choice of selecting substantial materials to guarantee low maintenance and longevity. Despite having a decent capacity of up to 4 people, there is only 1 washroom which seems slightly cramped. The abundance of cabinets, shelves and closet is strategically placed and the entire layout seems well planned. The kitchen and the living room together spare little elbow room and for 4 people it might become congested to be present in this area at the same time. However, the sleeping lofts are commodious and the staircase access is sturdy. The dual toned exterior looks just as good as the interior and the mix and match of circular and rectangular windows complete the simple yet sophisticated look.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7.5/10

Value: 8.5/10

Overall Rating

7.5 / 10

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