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The Solaris is supremely sophisticated and radiates a homely vibe that makes everyone instantly feel at home making it a perfect choice for families.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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24' x 8.5'
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The vivid colour scheme of the Solaris gives its exteriors a radiant look and increases its curb appeal. Baluchon is known for building spectacularly sturdy and stunning tiny houses that come bearing a wide range of space saving features. The Solaris keeps up with the reputation of its manufacturer and provides comfort mixed with class to the residents. The Solaris is decently big but despite the size limitation it offers a variety of facilities and a commodious layout to support a comfortable lifestyle. 

The combination of brown and a bright blue to cover the exteriors of the Solaris reflects uniqueness and gives this house a hint of elegance. Wooden frames outlining the windows are coated in a pristine white colour that stands out against the otherwise subtle backdrop and matches the brightness of the blue used for painting the roof and the main door. This way the exterior of the Solaris gets a pop of colour. 

The interiors maintain the resplendent colour scheme and provide a bright and clean living space to the residents. The windows pour in sufficient sunlight to light up the entire place and lift up the ambience of the interiors. The amenities and appliances provided in the Solaris are utilitarian in nature but also look snazzy to fit well in the contemporary theme. The living room has a built-in seating platform that is quite comfortable for lounging. An open vertical cabinet inset in the wall near this built-in couch proves to be additionally useful. 

In terms of stylish space saving features, the Solaris has much to offer. You get a chic cupboard that lets you store all your belongings while also doubling up as a great interior décor item because it keeps up with the overall colour scheme and has a great structural design. A fold down table is provided near the kitchen that is also close to the living room. This can act as a makeshift dining table or can be used for family game nights. You get two wooden chairs along with the table to fulfil the purpose. 

A hideaway ladder lets you access the sleeping loft and doesn’t occupy a lot of space so it doesn’t get in your way and leaves sufficient leeway for you to navigate around the relaxing space of the living room. The sleeping loft is not very spacious and because of the single slope roof the height of the loft is not very tall which may seem like a slight drawback. It can accommodate up to two people easily which is why the Solaris is a good option for couples.

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Our Thoughts

The range of amenities provided by the Solaris is surely very impressive as it takes care of all the basic needs of the residents.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7 / 10

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