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Step into this stunning tiny home where rustic charm meets modern comfort. With its white-washed walls, wood accents, and unique features, this cozy cabin retreat is a magical haven that will capture your heart and ignite your imagination. From the locally sourced fir beams and the ground floor bedroom with ample storage to the luxurious clawfoot bathtub and the stylish acacia countertops, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to create a whimsical and functional space. Get ready to experience the joys of tiny living in this charming abode.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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30’ X 10’
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Step into this stunning tiny home, where white-washed walls and wood accents create a perfect balance between light and bright atmosphere and a cozy cabin feel. The locally sourced fir beams and accents add a touch of natural beauty to the space, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that instantly makes you feel at home.

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One of the highlights of this tiny home is the ground floor bedroom, designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. It offers ample space and plenty of closet storage, ensuring a dedicated area for all your belongings without compromising on livability. You'll be fine finding a place for everything and keeping your space organized.

For those who appreciate the luxury of a relaxing bath, the clawfoot bathtub in this tiny home is a delightful feature. It's the perfect spot to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day. The tub adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia, turning your bathing experience into a soothing retreat right within the comfort of your home.

The acacia butcher block countertops in the kitchen provide a beautiful aesthetic and offer durability and functionality. They can withstand daily use, making them ideal for meal preparation and cooking. With plenty of counter space, you'll have room to work and easily create delicious meals.

The acacia-engineered hardwood flooring throughout the tiny home adds a touch of sophistication while providing durability and ease of maintenance. It enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and creates a warm and inviting ambiance.

To maximize space in the kitchen, a drop-leaf countertop addition is included. This versatile feature allows you to extend the countertop when needed for meal preparation or dining and then conveniently fold it down when not in use, providing more room to move around and optimizing the functionality of the space.

The tiled bathroom flooring adds a stylish touch to the tiny home's design. It not only enhances the visual appeal but also makes cleaning a breeze. With a durable and easy-to-maintain surface, you can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your living space.

When it comes to appliances, this tiny home has everything you need for modern living. The full-sized electric range allows you to cook your favorite meals just like in a traditional home. The full-sized fridge offers ample storage for groceries, ensuring you have all the essentials on hand.

The electric on-demand water heater provides hot water whenever you need it, ensuring you never have to compromise on comfort. Additionally, the combo W/D allows for convenient in-home laundry, saving you time and effort by eliminating the need to visit a laundromat.

Including a composting toilet in the tiny home is an eco-friendly feature that promotes sustainability and reduces environmental impact. It provides a practical and efficient waste management solution without plumbing or excessive water consumption.

This beautifully designed tiny home offers a range of features that enhance the space's aesthetic appeal and functionality. From the cozy ground floor bedroom to the luxurious clawfoot bathtub and the durable and stylish acacia countertops and flooring, every detail has been carefully considered to create a comfortable and enjoyable living environment.

With the addition of modern appliances and eco-friendly choices like the electric on-demand water heater and composting toilet, this tiny home provides all the comforts and conveniences of a traditional home in a compact and sustainable package.

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Our Thoughts

The combination of white-washed walls and wood accents creates an atmosphere that feels cozy and light, striking the perfect balance between rustic charm and modern comfort. We love the locally sourced fir beams and accents, as they bring a touch of nature's beauty into the space. And let's remember the ground floor bedroom - the generous closet space is a dream come true for those who value organization and convenience. Plus, who could resist the allure of a clawfoot bathtub? It's like having a little slice of luxury right at home. The acacia butcherblock countertops and engineered hardwood flooring look stunning and promise durability and practicality. And with thoughtful touches like the drop-leaf countertop and tiled bathroom flooring, every aspect of this tiny home has been carefully considered to make the most of the space. 

Our Ratings

Layout: 9/10

Design: 7.510

Quality: 8.5/10

Value: 8/10

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