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Honomobo's HO2 is an amazing little home that's built to last and is perfect for modern-day living. It's got a sweet fixed layout but also lets you choose from different finishes and upgrades, so you can make it totally your own. The home's strikingly bold contemporary design balances aesthetics with functionality, creating a unique sensory experience throughout. A tiny home that's both durable and efficient, without compromising on style.
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Tiny Home Prefab

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HO2 is a tiny home that has been meticulously designed for extreme durability, efficiency, and modern living. It is a factory-built home constructed with rigid steel and designed to conform to local building codes. The home is permanently affixed to a permanent foundation and is designed to be used as a home, rental suite, office, ADU, guest house, granny suite, in-law suite, cabin, or cottage.

One of the coolest things about this home is that the layout is already set, but you still have options for different finishes and upgrades. This means you can make your new place your own without slowing down the factory build process. It's the best of both worlds!

The HO2 model comes in either a 1 bed/1 bath or a 2 bed/1 bath layout, with a spacious kitchen/living area, in-suite laundry, and a full bathroom. Large operable openings and floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light, further connecting the interior to the environment. The interior design of this home is all about creating a unique sensory experience by focusing on the little details that count. It's not about trying to be too fancy or showy, but rather about showcasing beauty in simplicity. The result is a stunning and inviting space that feels like home from the moment you walk in.

Designed to take in views and all that nature has to offer, this small house with big ideas was created to be adapted to a variety of climates. The home's strikingly bold contemporary design is an ideal example of form and function combined, and it is intended to create a secluded sanctuary that combines aesthetics with functionality. This home is all about striking the perfect balance of different tones, with the interior and exterior spaces seamlessly blending together. You'll love the bold dark features, crisp white lines, and textured surfaces that come together to create a look that's both warm and luxurious. It's like living in your own personal paradise!

This home is built to last with top-of-the-line materials like engineered steel and Corten Steel siding. Plus, it's finished with high-quality materials and super-efficient systems. And if you're feeling chilly, you can even add an optional wood or gas-burning fireplace.

All in all, the HO2 is a small, stunning, and functional home that's been built for modern-day living. It's the perfect example of how you can have a tiny home that's both durable and efficient, without compromising on style. Plus, it's got everything you need and more, all wrapped up in a totally functional package that's both beautiful and practical. Whether you're after a permanent home, a sweet little rental, a cozy office, or a guest house, the HO2 is an excellent option that packs a lot of punch in a small space.

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Our Thoughts

If you're in the market for a functional and stunningly designed home that's just the right size, then Honomobo's HO2 is an excellent choice. This tiny home is crafted from top-quality materials, boasts a contemporary look, and is carefully designed down to the smallest detail. What's more, the HO2 can be used in multiple ways, from a permanent dwelling to a rental space or even an office. With all these factors combined, the HO2 offers practicality, versatility, and style all in one cozy package.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7.75 / 10

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