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Over in Australia, a new modular housing company is rethinking everything. Now, being a conscious consumer is as easy as choosing a ModnPod!
Warmth + Drama = Cozy Luxury


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300 SqFt


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Container Home

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26' x 12'
The Details:

Forget everything you think you know about modular homes because ModnPods is reinventing the industry. From how they source materials to the way they consider their employees and customers, this company is doing business better- oh, and their homes are stunning. 

ModnPods are modular units that can be used for just about anything. So whether you are looking for a home office, a vacation rental, or a caretaker cottage, these sleek builds could be your answer.

ModnPods are known for contrasting striking, contemporary architecture with natural colors, textiles, and materials that add warmth to drama. Case in point: their fourth project, The Pass.

At twenty-eight square meters, The Pass provides an efficient living space wrapped in endless luxury. Its black-cladding exterior is further emphasized by angular windows that suggest a custom home.

Outside, a wood-slat awning filters light onto an optional porch, and inside, ModnPod buyers can choose from one of seven color/material palettes that reflect the company’s passion for the natural world: foam, sand, water, wood, driftwood, rainforest, and rock.

Speaking of materials, we can’t discuss ModnPods without mentioning their dedication to sustainability. Unlike other companies, ‘sustainability’ is not just a buzzword. This team has identified six core values that encapsulate their commitment to people and the planet.

Approximately 90% of materials used to build a ModnPod come from Australia, and proximity of suppliers is considered to reduce transportation emissions. Also, many of the materials are not only recycled but are capable of being recycled again! So even though your luxury living space won’t be going anywhere for a while, you can rest easy knowing your purchase was an act of conscious consumerism!

When it comes to sustainability, ModnPods is just as committed to people as they are to the planet. That’s why they’ve made an effort to hire indigenous locals and create jobs that foster First Nations engagement. And as for their customers, the ModnPods team is building with your long-term health in mind! All paints and sealants are no-VOC, carpeting is made of 100% wool, and surfaces are constructed to allow for easy cleaning.

This company is truly taking sustainable luxury to the next level, and we can’t look away. If you need a ModnPod in your life, we recommend adding your name to their build queue sooner rather than later! What they offer is not just everything we want in a tiny home; it’s everything we want for the world.

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Our Thoughts

In a world where nearly everything we touch is disposable, ModnPods offers a refreshing step in a new direction. Their dedication to sustainability is admirable, and we can’t get those angular windows out of our heads. A ModnPod offers a sleek exterior built on an intentional foundation, and we can’t get enough. 

We also can’t help but comment on the flexibility of these units! Whether you are seeking an office space, a guest suite, or a plug-and-play investment property, this is a spectacular option for those living in Australia. Too long, didn’t read? We’d buy one in a heartbeat.

Our Ratings

Layout: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8.5 / 10

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