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Tiny Marta

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With just one glance at the Tiny Marta, you will surely get hearts in your eyes and will instantly fall in love with its captivating glory.
Chic Craftsman Design


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1 Loft | 1 Bath

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Sancuary Tiny Homes

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Tiny House on Wheels

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24' x 8' 6"
The Details:

Built by the Holland Tiny Homes, formerly known as Sanctuary Tiny Homes, The Tiny Marta is well designed and functional tiny house that is constructed with quality materials to support comfortable living. The craftsman yet contemporary design of the Tiny Marta is outstanding and does not compromise on the aesthetic value. The spectacular craftsmanship demonstrated in this tiny house gives the potential customers a sense of assurance and successfully entices them. The graceful color scheme follows two light and deep tones of blue with a hint of white to complete the exterior look.

The gable roof of the main house along with a slightly less slanted roof of the bedroom loft is made up of metal that simply slides off the rainwater, preventing any leaks or damage. The 24 feet long trailer is spacious and has open interiors. You can stack the outdoor unit of the air conditioner on the rear end of the trailer. The pristine white interior theme is so immaculate, it’ll take your breath away. The modular style and chic interior décor only add on to the already spick and span looking house.

Wherever you take The Marta it’s always easy to sustain as its insulation is done through closed-cell spray foam and cooled or heated with a 12,000 btu mini-split system.  The open kitchen emits a classy charm and has an L-shape countertop which is equipped with stylish stainless steel appliances such as a sink and faucet combination, an oven as well as a two burner gas stove.  A sleek stainless steel refrigerator is also inset in the counter. There are open shelves affixed in the kitchen wall for keeping kitchen plants or even your fine glassware.

The living room can accommodate a comfortable couch for lounging purposes. The walls of Tiny Marta's comprise of closed-cell spray foam insulation which facilitates extra ordinary structural integrity and protects the house against the external elements while simultaneously keeping it cool during summers and warm during the winters. This is one of the many prominent features that are offered by the Marta.

In terms of the interior design, this house performs exceedingly well. Upon closing the barn door of the washroom, you are greeted with a full in-built book case that is placed to provide extra storage space for you to not just stack your books but also other showpieces to enhance the beauty of the interiors. The bedroom comes with a full size bed that can sleep up to two people along with in-built shelves in the loft that make living in this trailer more convenient.

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Our Thoughts

The Marta is complete package that offers many unique features that include a full size bed, open living space, and a stunning kitchen along with a bar and barstools for eating or for working. A closet for clothing with shoe storage provides additional utility.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 9/10

Overall Rating

7.5 / 10

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