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A creative roofline makes this home impressive even before setting foot inside. A large glass floor to ceiling window and a beautiful rounded staircase make this home unique and comfortable.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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20' x 8.5'
The Details:

Inside the Utopia, you’ll find whitewashed walls and charming design. A floor to ceiling window sets the stage for an intimate living room and with a built-in dining table for two makes this ideal for a couple.

A large wrap-around kitchen provides plenty of room for cooking prep and storage for your dishes and kitchenware. A unique rounded oak staircase and ladder combination lead up to the master loft. Below it is a full-size bathroom and more storage.

With all the common necessities, and with built-in furniture throughout, this tiny home on wheels is a great example of a simple yet liveable tiny house.

Utopia is appropriately named as it is an architectural wonder on wheels that is truly impressive. The exterior displays an uncommon structural design that makes this house more desirable and also aids in increasing the Utopia’s curb appeal. The external facets hold glass windows and the main entrance door that prove to be practical features for the convenience of the residents. These features also add on to the overall beauty of the Utopia’s exterior. 

The interiors also benefit from the windows and the glass door as they receive plenty of sunlight that naturally keeps the entire place radiant and lit throughout the day. The combination of classic lap siding with a sombre colour scheme creates a fine face for the Utopia. The house covers a decent amount of area and is thus big enough to adopt a commodious layout. You can pick up hints of black in the exterior that gives this house a distinctly modern look and binds the colour scheme together. 

The interiors showcase shiplap walls, ceiling and flooring that make the indoors appear cleaner and brighter. False ceiling lights provide utility in the most modish way possible. A coat hanger is affixed on the wall near the main entrance door and it is not just a functional feature but also a fashionable one as it is made up of an intricate pattern that looks chic. The asymmetric glass window is enormous in size and enhances the living room’s ambience as well as its appearance.  

A long wooden plank beaten to attain a zig zag shape makes a wonderful single shelf that graces the living’s room wall. In terms of useful features, a compact yet long table is also provided along with two chairs to give the residents a dining table that doesn’t occupy a lot of space in the wake of serving its purpose. The L-shaped kitchen counter is equipped with all the basic appliances required for cooking such as a stovetop and a chest style fridge. You also get multiple cabinets and drawers for storage that can be used for stacking crockery, utensils or even packed food and goods. 

The stairs have been creatively designed as you get cone shaped floating steps that grow smaller in size as you ascend them. This way you not only get more elbow room left for your convenience but also another feature that adds on to the overall voguish look of the interiors. These steps also double up as shelves that can be used for stacking showpieces when you don’t want to access the loft.

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Our Thoughts

Overall, it is a great solution for an individual or couple that wants a turnkey solution to start living small.

Functionally, it puts a priority on the kitchen, dining, and living room. Being only 20’ long, it does a fairly good job of creating an open floor plan while maintaining the amenities that most people need in a small space.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7.2 / 10

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