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How Sustainable are Boxabl Homes? A Deep Dive

Updated on:
October 1, 2023

With the rise in interest in tiny living, the housing industry is significantly changing. Along with this change comes Boxabl, a stackable, highly modular, factory-made living unit that appeals to many people enthusiastic about the minimalist lifestyle.

However, many are unsure of the long-term sustainability of these dwellings and want to know what materials were used in making them, whether they are energy efficient, environmentally friendly,  affordable, the cost of owning one, and more.

If you're considering purchasing a Boxabl home and want to know how sustainable they are, this piece is for you. 

Here, you'll learn about Boxabl objectives, how reliable the houses are, the dimensions of a Boxabl home, and we will provide answers to other burning questions like what the cost of a Boxabl home is. 

Let's dive into this comprehensive review and discover how sustainable they are.

Are Boxabl homes environmentally friendly?

We can’t say whether Boxabl homes are environmentally friendly because we don’t know enough about their manufacturing. However, compared to conventional homes, they are designed with many features that make them eco-friendly.

To provide a complete context regarding the question of whether Boxable homes are environmentally friendly, we need to consider factors like the materials used in their construction and how energy efficient they are. 

Let’s go through each element.

What materials are used in the construction of Boxabl Houses?

According to information on the Boxabl website, the materials used in making Boxable homes include steel, concrete, laminated panels, and EPS foam.

Each of these materials contributes to the degree of environmental friendliness of a Boxabl home, and Boxabl's dedication to sustainability begins at the beginning of its manufacturing process.

Let's take a closer look at each of the key materials employed in the construction of Boxabl houses:

Steel and concrete

Steel and concrete are two durable, stable materials used to construct Boxable houses. However, the eco-friendliness depends on where they were sourced from and the efficiency of the production method used in making them. 

If the steel and concrete used in making a particular Boxabl home is sourced locally in the United States, that home is more environmentally friendly than a Boxable home whose steel and concrete were sourced internationally.

Boxabl, as a company, focuses on using recyclable and sustainable materials in their construction process. This minimizes waste and ensures that the homes' carbon footprint is decreased.

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Laminated panels

The walls, floor, and roof in Boxabl homes are structurally laminated panels, commonly used in prefabricated homes because they are sturdy, lightweight, and easy to transport. 

However, the laminated material impact on the environment will depend on the panel composition. If it is made with highly volatile organic compounds, then it harms the environment.

Boxabl uses Laminated materials with low volatile organic compounds. Laminated panels made with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contribute to better indoor air quality with less harm to the environment.

EPS foam

EPS foam is made from expanded polystyrene and is used in construction projects. Because of its insulation properties, which help to prevent heat loss and reduce energy consumption, Boxabl uses it in building their homes. 

However, even though EPS has some benefits that potentially contribute to the durability and environmental friendliness of Boxabl homes, EPS itself is not biodegradable, meaning it can take up to a hundred years to degrade.

As a result, if not correctly disposed of, EPS foam can contribute to trash and pollution.

For more on this, read: What Are Boxabl Homes Made Of?

What is the energy efficiency and environmental impact of Boxabl homes?

In addition to being committed to being environmentally friendly, Boxabl homes are also designed to be energy efficient. The following highlights how they do it:


Boxabl Homes have excellent insulation, which keeps the indoor temperature steady. As a result, the requirement for heating and cooling is reduced, resulting in significant energy savings.

Solar-ready design

Boxabl Homes are designed to be solar-ready. While this is not a regular feature, households may easily install solar panels and harness the sun's power to meet their energy needs.

Energy-efficient appliances 

All appliances in Boxabl Homes are chosen for their energy efficiency. Every component, from LED lighting to energy star-rated appliances, is designed to reduce energy consumption.

Water conservation

Water-saving fixtures are standard in Boxabl Homes. This not only saves water but also saves energy because less energy is required to heat water.

Reduced carbon footprint

Boxabl Homes have a much lower carbon footprint than typical homes due to their efficient manufacturing process, sustainable materials, and energy-saving technologies.

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What is the objective of Boxabl?

An overview of a BOXABL Casita

Many of the products we use daily, from breakfast cereal to cars, are mass-produced, so why aren’t our homes?  

The above question is a significant reason why Boxabl was founded. The objective of Boxabl as a company is to:

  • Revolutionize the standard of housing construction
  • Mass-produce homes that are affordable
  • Provide customization options for homeowners, which can be done after you receive your home

With two under their belt and more on the way, Boxabl factories are paving the way for mass-scale home production with cutting-edge technology and streamlined delivery.

Are Boxabl homes reliable?

Reliability is crucial when considering a home, and Boxabl Homes aims to provide a dependable yet affordable housing solution. 

Here, we will assess various aspects of Boxabl homes to determine their reliability.

Are boxable homes durable?

A home is meant to last you through your lifetime and beyond. And Boxabl homes are just as durable as the average traditionally built house.

Boxabl ensures that its homes pass the longevity test with its use of long-lasting materials such as steel, concrete, and EPS. 

These materials can withstand harsh weather conditions, including hurricane-speed winds and heavy snow loads. Hence, they are rated for both hurricane-speed winds and snow load.

Furthermore, due to its use of these high-quality materials, including laminated panels for finishes, Boxabl Homes requires low maintenance, saving homeowners time and money in the long run.

Is the Boxabl design fire-resistant?

Nothing is entirely fireproof. However, Boxabl units are designed to be fire-resistant. The structure's interior and exterior are encased with non-combustible materials. 

This means that flying embers from forest fires will not ignite your Boxabl.

Are Boxabl homes secure?

Boxabl homes are built to meet and exceed building codes. They are as secure as traditionally made homes. 

Because of the materials used in creating them, they can resist different extreme weather conditions, including heavy snowfall and strong winds.

Can Boxabl homes resist water and mold?

Yes, due to the material used in making them, Boxabl homes are moisture and mildew-resistant. 

In addition, because of the material used in their production (they do not use typical timber or sheetrock), Boxabl buildings absorb far less water damage in the event of hurricanes and floods.

How long does a Boxabl last?

An interior view of a BOXABL Home

Boxable homes are constructed using steel, concrete, EPS, and laminated panels.

Homes built with concrete and steel have a track record of endurance, often stretching across many decades, with some homes surpassing more than 100 years in service. 

The durability of concrete primarily stems from its robust and long-lasting nature. When meticulously reinforced with steel, it forms a sturdy foundation for a home, ensuring structural integrity.

Besides the materials used in making the home, the precise lifespan of a Boxabl home will depend on the maintenance and care provided by the Boxabl homeowner over the years. 

Also, note that  Boxabl doesn't include a prepackaged foundation or add-ons. We can only estimate that the basic structure alone may endure for roughly a century.

How big is a Boxabl home?

Boxable is on a mission to build a system that can provide potential homeowners with residences of varying sizes. The company produces stackable dwellings that can be linked to anything. 

Currently, the available dimension is a 361-square-foot house. However, other dimensions may be added soon. The company will state when room modules with these dimensions are ready.

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Is the Boxabl portable?

Like many other tiny homes, Boxabl's modular design, combined with precision engineering, ensures that their homes are robust, durable, and portable. 

In addition, Boxabl houses fall within the required size for a tiny house stated in Appendix Q of the 2018 International Residential Code, which defines a tiny home as a dwelling 400 square feet or less in floor area, excluding lofts.

Due to its compact size, Boxabl homes can easily be transported and set up at your desired location. 

However, dont be fooled by its tiny size. Boxabl homes are fully furnished with a bedroom apartment, a full-size kitchen, a living area, and a bedroom area, containing everything you need for comfortable living.

For more about the furnishing of a Boxabl home, read: Do Boxabl Homes Come Furnished?

What does a Boxabl home come with?

Your Boxabl home comes with pre-installed utilities such as water, plumbing, electricity, and HVAC pre-installed. 

Once shipped to the site and assembled, your new tiny house can be hooked directly to utilities. The connection will be made at the exterior corner of the unit. 

Do Boxabl homes include a toilet?

Yes, there is a toilet in a Boxabl home. For example, the Boxabl Casita Accessory Dwelling Unit offers a conventional bathroom with the following amenities:

  • Bathtub and a deep shower
  • The vessel sink
  • Big counter
  • Mirror with backlighting
  • Barn door with sliding glass

Can my Boxabl be off-grid?

Yes, you can set up your Boxabl home for off-grid utilities. Water tanks and solar panels integrate with your Boxabl home like regular utilities. 

What is the cost of a Boxabl home?

View HURLEY, a short-term rental complete luxury package in a box.

The Boxabl home can cost around $50,000 to $65,000. This price does not include shipping and other costs. 

That said, you should expect to spend between $50,000-$100,000 for a fully furnished Boxable home pre-installed with practically everything you need to live conveniently. 

The company will deliver your box home to your desired site. 

Although the increase in housing costs may pose a challenge for some, Boxabl has partnered with different financial institutions to provide financing options for potential homeowners. 

They recognize that price is a crucial selling point and strive to make the buying process as simple as possible. 

These partners can help you get a 30-year mortgage for your Boxabl homes. 

For additional information on financing possibilities, read: Can You Finance a Boxabl Home? (Explained!)

Are Boxabl homes accessible internationally?

Yes, Boxabl intends to increase its global reach. While they began in the United States, there is significant interest from overseas markets. For specific information on overseas shipment and setup, check their official website or contact customer care for international shipping and setup details.

How long will it take to assemble my Boxabl Home?

View Pico, an elegant tiny smart house.

A Boxabl home can be assembled in a few hours by a Boxabl-certified and state-licensed installer. Once you purchase a unit, Boxabl will connect you with a local installer. 

The Boxabl unit, once built, folds down from 20 feet to 8.5 feet wide. This has been carefully planned so that it may be carried without additional expenditures by train, truck, sea, and air to any location on the planet.

Here’s a breakdown of the assembly and installation process:


Each Boxabl Home is shipped in a small package to the selected place. The collapsible form ensures efficient transportation while lowering the carbon footprint.

Site preparation

The site must be prepped before the assembly begins. This includes leveling the ground, ensuring correct drainage, and establishing core elements.

Unfolding and expansion

Once the shipped Boxabl Home arrives on site, the procedure is rapid and can be completed in a matter of hours. The house enlarges to its full size.

Connection to utilities 

Next, the house is connected to vital utilities such as water, electricity, and sewage. Because Boxabl Homes are pre-wired and pre-plumbed, this procedure is relatively simple.

With utilities connected, the final step is to decorate your home to soothe your style.

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Is a Boxabl home worth it?

Now that you know how sustainable Boxabl homes are and more, you may wonder if investing in one is worth it. Well, the answer depends on your values.

If you are looking for a more affordable home that offers a simple life and the opportunity to create a more financially stable future, then Boxabl Home is a great option.

Besides its affordability compared to traditional homes and its potential to help you create a more stable future, Boxable houses are worth it for the following reasons:

  • Boxabl homes are built using high-quality materials designed to last for decades. 
  • They are extremely energy efficient, helping you save money on monthly utility bills.
  • Boxabl homes are rated to withstand extreme weather conditions and resist bugs, fire, flood, and wind. So you can be assured of your investment’s lifespan and potential to appreciate.
  • Boxabl homes are low maintenance, meaning you won’t have to spend much time or money on repairs and management.

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Takeaway: A deep dive into Boxabl homes sustainability story

Many are drawn to the new experiences, simplicity, and innovation that tiny homes offer, and this has led to the prevalence of tiny houses, which is steadily on the rise. Along with this popularity comes Boxabl with its innovative design, sustainability focus, and affordability.

But are they genuinely sustainable?

In this piece, we took a deep dive into the materials used in making these homes, and, with materials like steel, concrete, laminated panels, and EPS foam used in making the homes, evidently, Boxabl being energy efficient, eco-friendly to a large degree, and durable is a sustainable housing solution.

Are you looking to transition away from the many challenges of owning a traditional home to the more sustainable, affordable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly living that tiny homes offer? Boxabl provides an exciting option. The homes come equipped with fully furnished utilities for a comfortable living experience.

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