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Top Spots for Your Tiny Home on Wheels in South Carolina

Updated on:
January 22, 2024
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South Carolina has warmly embraced the tiny house trend, making it a great place for those into this lifestyle. With its beautiful landscapes—like calm lakes and big mountains—nice weather, and friendly communities, South Carolina now has lots of RV parks and small house parks. 

The dream of leaving everything behind to live on the road is shared by many, and South Carolina provides the ideal setting for that dream. The constantly changing views, different animals, and the friendly locals make it a must-visit spot for anyone living the full-time RV life.

The Appeal of Mobile Living in Small Houses in South Carolina

The tiny house lifestyle involves leading a minimalistic and eco friendly life. The minimal square footage of a tiny home brings forth a challenge and an opportunity to design a meaningful, functional living space that reflects the essential human need.

Mobile tiny homes or tiny homes on wheels bring a whole new dimension to the concept of home, where mobility meets the comforts of a home. The appeal of these mobile living spaces lies in their portability, enabling a layover by the beach one night and a mountain view the next—imagine waking up to that!

The Legal Side of Tiny House Living in South Carolina

Navigating through the legal and zoning complexities is an essential part of embarking on your compact house journey in South Carolina. Each area may have different rules and regulations related to small houses, so it’s crucial to research and understand the local laws. Reach out to local zoning departments for clarity, be open about your intentions and seek guidance.

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Where to Park Your Tiny Home in South Carolina

Myrtle Beach

Famous for its scenic coastline, Myrtle Beach offers a selection of RV parks that gladly accommodate small houses. Situated against the backdrop of its beautiful shores, these lodgings not only present a picturesque setting but also feature various conveniences like Wi-Fi and inviting swimming pools. Myrtle Beach becomes the perfect destination for those desiring a serene escape in their compact dwellings, blending coastal charm with modern amenities. Whether indulging in the sun-soaked sandy beaches or partaking in the recreational offerings of the RV parks, Myrtle Beach emerges as a sanctuary where the allure of the coastline seamlessly merges with contemporary comforts. 


Greenville is a great place for mini house owners, thanks to its beautiful parks like Paris Mountain State Park. The city is perfect for those who love a simple lifestyle in compact homes, surrounded by nature. With spots like Paris Mountain State Park, you can enjoy outdoor activities and peaceful hikes, making Greenville a fantastic choice for people who want a mix of city amenities and natural beauty. The city's dedication to keeping green spaces and supporting a community that values a simpler way of life makes Greenville even more appealing for those embracing the compact house lifestyle. 


Columbia, being the capital city, has lots of RV parks and campsites close to cool stuff like museums, historic places, and the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. Whether you're into history, culture, or animals, Columbia's got you covered with convenient spots to park your RV. It's like having all these fun and interesting places right in your backyard, making it easy for folks to enjoy the city's cultural and natural attractions while staying close to nature in their RVs.


Charleston, by the coast, has a mix of RV parks and campsites close to cool stuff like old places, beautiful beaches, and yummy Southern food. You can enjoy the city's history, chill on the nice beaches, and taste some delicious Southern dishes—all while staying in your RV. It's like getting the best of both worlds with the convenience of RV living and the fun of exploring Charleston's coastal and cultural treasures.


Aiken is a friendly city with a bunch of campgrounds that welcome small houses, making it a great spot for folks who like cozy living. Besides being compact house-friendly, Aiken is known for its nice southern charm and lots of fun things to do. You can walk around the cute streets, enjoy outdoor activities, and soak in the friendly vibes. Aiken is the perfect place where tiny house living meets a warm welcome and lots of things to explore and enjoy.


Beaufort, on Port Royal Island, is a cool spot for your tiny home with amazing marina views. It's a quiet coastal town perfect for a laid-back life by the water. Being on Port Royal Island, you get lovely views of the marina, making it a sweet place to wake up. Whether you like watching sailboats or just chilling by the coast, Beaufort is a nice spot where your tiny home can enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Hilton Head

Hilton Head, located on an island, is a fantastic destination that combines fun and relaxation. This charming town is perfect for golf, tennis, and beach lovers, offering a great mix of activities. You can enjoy pristine beaches, top-notch golf and tennis facilities, and stunning courses. Whether you're relaxing on the sandy shores, playing golf, or hitting the tennis court, Hilton Head is a versatile and appealing place where sports and beach vibes come together, making it an ideal spot for those who love both.


Anderson is a cool city where you get the best of both worlds – city fun and chill rural vibes. In the city, there's lots to do, like trying different foods and checking out cool stuff. But what's awesome is that right outside the city, you can escape to peaceful countryside living. It's got open spaces, parks, and a relaxed vibe. So, in Anderson, you can enjoy the excitement of city life and also kick back in the calmness of nature – it's the perfect combo for a great lifestyle.


Spartanburg is a city that's all about small houses! They've got parks and lots where you can easily settle down in a cute little home. Spartanburg is cool because it's welcoming to folks who want a simpler lifestyle with smaller houses. It's not just about living tiny; it's also about joining a community of people who appreciate the idea of having a cozy and eco-friendly home. Spartanburg is making it easy for anyone interested in downsizing and enjoying the perks of compact house living – they're all about being modern and practical!

North Augusta

Situated by the lovely Savannah River, North Augusta is a peaceful town that's perfect for folks wanting a calm and simple life. With its charming vibes and beautiful scenery, it's a great place for those who prefer a laid-back lifestyle. What makes it even cooler is that North Augusta has small lots for small houses, catering to people who like keeping things uncomplicated and eco-friendly. Living here means enjoying the quiet and being close to nature, making North Augusta an awesome choice for anyone who wants a cozy mini house life by the wonderful Savannah River.

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Best RV Resorts

In South Carolina, you've got plenty of RV parks to pick from, fitting different tastes and budgets. If you're into fancy stuff, check out Ocean Lakes Family Campground or Hunting Island State Park for a luxurious time. And if you're keeping it budget-friendly, Greenville Water Park and Bass Lake Campground are great choices that won't break the bank, giving you a cool experience without costing too much. Whether you're into the high-end or the affordable vibe, South Carolina's RV parks have something for everyone to enjoy a comfy and personalized stay.

Small Houses Parking Locations in South Carolina Communities

In South Carolina, you've got lots of great options for parking your tiny home in cool communities. Check out places like Creek Walk in Travelers Rest—they've got nice spots and beautiful views for your tiny house. And if you're thinking about Myrtle Beach, they've got several tiny home communities too. These spots are not just practical for compact house fans, but they also add to the overall charm of South Carolina, giving you simple and well-planned places to park your tiny home in this scenic state.


As we finish up our tour of why South Carolina is awesome for small houses and RV living, it's clear the state has something for everyone. Whether you like the beachy vibes of Myrtle Beach, the chill nature scenes in Greenville, the historical feel of Columbia, or the charm of Charleston, there's a spot for you. Aiken's friendly atmosphere, Beaufort's coastal calm, Hilton Head's mix of fun activities, Anderson's city and country combo, Spartanburg's tiny house focus, and North Augusta's simplicity by the river—they all welcome those who want to live small. 

Whether you're into fancy RV resorts or budget-friendly campgrounds, South Carolina has you covered. And if you're figuring out the legal stuff or looking for cool spots like Creek Walk in Travelers Rest, South Carolina is not just a place to visit; it's a perfect spot for your tiny home or RV lifestyle. So, whether you're a beach lover, mountain enthusiast, or city dweller, South Carolina is ready for you with open arms and neat spots for your tiny home adventure. Enjoy the ride and the tiny living in the Palmetto State!

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