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Calypso is packed with multiple cabinets and snazzy shelves that provide an excellent storage facility to the residents to let them live easily.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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24' x 8.5'
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For a small family looking to go tiny, the Calypso is an excellent choice as it comes loaded with a wide range of utilitarian amenities that can easily provide for the needs of two parents and two small children. The house has been designed with meticulous care and the entire place emits a classy vibe. The Calypso reflects thorough attention paid to details through its fine exterior and well-crafted structure. 

The gable roof is a smart choice for a tiny house as it creates an illusion of taller interiors and also prevents rainwater damage. This is an extremely long lasting asset of the Calypso that makes this house even more desirable in the market of tiny houses. Wooden planks laid horizontally in the external facets of the Calypso create a clean lap siding look that adds a touch of elegance to this house. The interiors are just as winsome as the exterior and you get abundant elbow room left for your comfort after the indoors have adapted to a commodious layout. 

The living room area is designed in a systematic manner to provide a cosy yet lavish lounging space to the residents. The sconce lights aid in keeping the indoors radiant and pleasant. A long table along with three tall bar stools is placed near the window to let the residents have their meal with a view. This style of a dining table proves to be a practical piece of furniture that is also snazzy and modern looking. 

The single yet sturdy kitchen counter is adjoined to the dining table on one side, creating an L-shaped structure that is positioned in the corner of the kitchen. This position allows the residents to have all the space to cook comfortably without feeling congested in a limited space. The kitchen is equipped with a sink and a faucet combination, a two burner stovetop and a chest style fridge that is adjusted next to the cabinets and drawers underneath the countertop. 

The main bedroom loft has a long flat wooden plank extended on the entrance side that can be used for stacking any extra belongings of the residents. The loft is big enough to hold a queen size mattress that can sleep up to two people comfortably. There are two windows installed on either side of the mattress that keep the sleeping loft well-lit and warm during the day while also letting the occupants enjoy the outside world’s views. The kids’ room is at the end of the house and bears an elevated bed with two wardrobes below it to complete the look. 

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Our Thoughts

The Calypso can accommodate a small family conveniently as it offers sleeping space for two parents with two children. The plethora of cabinets and storage space makes it an even better deal.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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