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When you think of living in style but don’t want to go too big, think of this Eco Cabin! Its stunning beauty will capture your heart!
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Small Home

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28' X 15'
The Details:

The gorgeous exterior of the Eco Cabin is mesmerizing and puts on a fine display of modern design. The structure and design of this tiny house are extraordinary and is surely not something you can commonly spot. The Eco Cabin 50m2 is spacious and spans across 420 square feet. The dark sombre color scheme aids in making the exterior appear even more exquisite. The deep shade of grey on the external horizontal lap siding goes very well with the white tongue and groove vertical panelling. The thick black frames of the long glass windows only add up to the charm.

The classic gable roof is not only a style statement to the exterior but also effectively makes the interiors appear taller. The large windows give you access to the outside scenic world while lounging in the comfort of your home and simultaneously bringing in abundant sunlight to light up the interior. The front porch with brown wooden flooring is big enough to double up as an outdoor lounging space. To keep up with the classy exteriors, the interiors also emulate its striking beauty. The main entrance door leads you into the expansive living room.

A comfortable L-shaped couch can be placed opposite to a television set to make your relaxing space more pleasant. To decorate and add some pizzazz, you can put indoor plants in ornate vases adjacent to the couch or near the entrance. The open kitchen can be separated from the living room with a stylish wooden room divider to maintain the contemporary theme and add value too. The kitchen has an L-shaped counter that holds the gas stove on one side and the sink on the other. There is enough room to adjust a regular fridge and even a standard dishwasher. A small dining table for four can easily find its place in the common area.

The adjacent door to the kitchen counter leads you into the small hallway that can hold a standard washer and dryer combo in the corner while leaving ample of leeway. You can access the washroom through one of the hallway doors and the other to enter the bedroom. The bathroom is big and is equipped with all the required amenities such as a decent sized wash basin, a small cabinet underneath and a regular commode. Additionally, there is space for an acrylic shower pan for bathing in the corner. The main bedroom is considerably big in size and can accommodate a queen sized bed to sleep two people conveniently.

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Our Thoughts

Eco Cabin 50 m2 is a spacious and stylish small house that leaves you spellbound with its sheer beauty mixed with utility, making it is a perfect place for two people!

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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