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The radiant colour scheme of this beautiful tiny house is what stands true to this model’s name and gives off a pleasant vibe. Simple, yet polished – includes natural elements such as the hand-carved wood stair railing, and mixture of forest green and the natural raw wood siding.
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Tiny Healthy Homes

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Tiny House on Wheels

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26' x 8.5'
The Details:

Joy is an appropriately named tiny house as its resplendent beauty tends to catch everyone’s attention and make many heads turn. This model gives off a pleasant vibe and the vibrant colour scheme used in the exteriors enhances the aesthetic value of Joy.  The broad structure of this tiny house on wheels is quite appealing as it indicates an abundance of space that the interiors have to offer. 

The dimensions of Joy are pretty impressive as the house is 26 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. The external facets are mostly clad in green coloured corrugated metal that protects the house from external factors while simultaneously elevating the house’s appearance. A small section of the front side of this house displays a neat arrangement of polished wooden panels that create a modish pattern and partner well with the green background. This combination of different cladding elements creates a holistic chic look.

A number of windows are arranged systematically in this tiny house’s frame to let sunlight penetrate the house and to regulate the process of cross ventilation. The interiors radiate a cosy vibe and follow a cedarn theme that gives this house a winsome look.  The great room holds a living room and an open kitchen. All the furniture and amenities are positioned in a way that spares sufficient elbow room to let the residents live comfortably. 

The living room is big enough to hold a two-seater mid-century sofa that can be used for lounging. The open kitchen in front of the living room has a single counter that is quite sturdy. The counter bears a cooktop and an oven, a broad stainless steel sink with an attached faucet along with a standard size refrigerator. A built-in long open shelf with several compartments is also available in the kitchen and the counter has multiple cabinets and pull-out drawers underneath it. There are modish cabinets affixed in the wall above the counter too that offer additional storage space. 

The staircase leading up to the loft also has storage capacity that can be used for storing any personal belonging of the occupants. The bathroom is wide and holds all the required amenities such as a regular toilet, a bathtub and a wash basin. The stairs that help in making the loft accessible have a long thin log affixed in the wall as a railing that can be used for support while ascending or descending the stairs. This log proves to be useful while also presenting itself as an item of interior décor. 

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Our Thoughts

Joy is a well-crafted tiny house that is aesthetically pleasing in appearance and filled with utilitarian features. This house is spacious and has breathable interiors that allow the residents to navigate around their home comfortably.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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