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The Eco-Village Asuchillo (EVA) community gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a luxurious yet serene small home in the lap of nature. The Perico – EVA is an incredible tiny house with a terrace that emanates relaxed vibes and is the perfect little beach vacation villa.
Fully Eco-Friendly Home


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450 SF


Up to 4


1 Bedroom | 1 Bath

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Eco Village and ECI Development

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Resort Home

Dimensions(in FT)

15' x 20'
The Details:

Despite being the most compact model out of the EVA series of 4 houses designed by Eco Village and built by the ECI Development, the Perico is truly mesmerizing and won’t fail to impress you. The Eco-Village Asuchillo (EVA) houses stand to represent a perfect amalgamation of modern houses with the touch of nature, setting them apart from other residential resorts, making them unique. The Perico is pretty spacious and covers a total area of 258 square feet. The house’s exterior exhibits a beautiful blend of concrete and greenery that together constitute the décor and design factor of the Perico.

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ECI Development offers Tiny Home communities that serve to enrich lifestyles, at a fraction of the price north-side. Equipped with all amenities, these homes provide both an alluring location and modern conveniences. With the additional earth-conscious design concepts that enable the homes to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, these smaller homes mean a smaller footprint, less energy spent, and thus less of an impact on earth.

EVA master plan map

Designs in tiny home communities like Eco-Village Asuchillo (EVA) in Gran Pacifica, Nicaragua include off-grid and solar power features. For residents seeking an eco-conscious lifestyle, these tiny homes are meant to be both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Green roofs keep the home cool and airy, while solar power harnesses the power of the sun to keep amenities running. Grey water recycling is a natural step that prevents excess water waste, and the gardens and orchards that benefit from this move provide fresh fruit and vegetables for the residents of the EVA Community.

The house has an expansive terrace platform on the top of the home, in addition to a patio on the ground or off to the side. It's the perfect place to hang out and watch the sunrise or sunset. You also get two floors where the top one can be easily accessed through the built-in outdoor staircase that starts from the front of the house and goes all the way to the top floor. The huge glass window and doors are a snazzy design feature that stands out, lets in the light and allows you to enjoy the outside indoors and are the perfect practical choice.

The inside is surely stunning and showcases a layout that is not commonly in many tiny houses. It has a loft that can be easily accessed through a built-in indoor staircase, which leads up to the bedroom. This way you can protect your privacy by having a secluded sleeping area while still being able adjacent to the rest of the house. The bedroom can hold a queen sized bed so 2 people can sleep here comfortably.

The lower floor has a living room that is very spacious but can still accommodate two people conveniently while leaving plenty of space to move around. You can place two small loveseats or a moderate couch here for indoor lounging. The open kitchen is also very convenient and comes with ample of space for two people to comfortably navigate around. It has a single counter that is equipped with all the required appliances such as a stove top, a sink and faucet combination and cabinets for storage. There is also space to fit a regular refrigerator adjacent to the kitchen counter. It is bigger than the average vacation / hotel kitchenette and ready for you to feel at home in.

The bathroom holds all the basic amenities such as a regular toilet, a shower and a vanity combination. The lower floor additionally offers abundant storage space and you can make the most of it to store your belongings. Overall, it's a solid home, for a great price that allows you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the outdoors while you're in paradise!

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Our Thoughts

The EVA – Perico is a small yet stunning tiny home that is packed with some of the most amazing and unique features to support a comfortable lifestyle. In the heart of paradise, enjoy the finest dwellings at an affordable price.

The most strikingly beautiful feature of the Perico is its terrace that comes with a green roof to keep up with the house’s overall approach towards sustainability.

The Eco-Village Asuchillo community gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a luxurious yet serene small home in the heart of nature.

Our Ratings

Layout: 10/10

Design: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Value: 10/10

Overall Rating

10 / 10

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