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The Home Care Cottage

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The Home Care Cottage is built to provide comfort and care to its residents over anything else. The stylish design is just an additional perk!
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Up to 4


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Little House on the Trailer

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Tiny House on Wheels

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32' x 13'
The Details:

The purpose of designing and manufacturing the Home Care Cottage is to provide a recreational trailer that resembles a regular small house. The winsome exterior makes this house appear even more sophisticated. The entrance path is lined with a solid white railing for support that also outlines half of the front porch. One of the most striking features of the Home Care Cottage has to be its expansive porch that is just as functional as it is attractive.

You can place patio furniture here to lounge outdoors or you can even stack multiple plants to have your own small garden.  The exterior is covered in subtle shades in order to maintain the classy character of the Home Care Cottage. The light tones make it appear serene and provide the idea of a comfortable and calm lifestyle that this house aims to offer. The plethora of windows help in adding up to the good looks of the house while also promoting a better cross ventilation system and preventing excessive noise from entering the house.

The interiors are just as chic and elegant as the exterior and look clean and big because of the soothing yet bright colour scheme. The living room has sufficient elbow room and can hold two loveseats with a cosy recliner chair along with a side table to make the area more comfortable for relaxing and lounging purposes. You can also use the great room to create a makeshift office space by setting up your work desk and chair near the sofa. The big windows keep the indoors well-lit during the day and aid in saving electricity.

The open kitchen is spacious and fits very well in the charming theme of the house. It comes bearing an L-shaped kitchen counter with a black granite top that looks voguish. The countertop is equipped with a modular 4 burner gas stove and oven combination, a dual sink and faucet combination and a multitude of cabinets both stacked underneath the counter and affixed on the wall, to provide additional space to you for storing cooking supplies, utensils and other kitchen electronic appliances such as an electric beater.

The bedroom has a long floor length mirror alongside a moderate cabinet with glass that can hold your personal belongings and its top can be used to keep picture frames. A single yet big bed can find its place in this room to sleep 1 person comfortably. The washroom has small handles affixed in the wall to provide support during bathing as the main purpose of the house is to be a care home for adults.

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Our Thoughts

Built to support a manner of comfortable living for people of all ages but especially the elderly, the Home Care Cottage is super cute and capacious.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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