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A small yet beautifully designed tiny home that's designed to open up to allow the outdoors in as well as be completely closed up to remain shut to the elements when not in use. A unique and award winning design to get inspired by.
A uniquely designed small costal home


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20' L x 12' W
The Details:

The Whangapoua is a stunningly designed small home built for life in the raw elements by renowned architectural design firm Crosson.

The site where this home was built specifically for is located within a coastal erosion zone where all buildings must be removable—so the hut is designed on two thick wooden sleds for movement back inland or across the beach and onto a barge. At just 130 square feet, it's designed to close up against the elements when not in use or during transport.

Designed and built to accommodate a family of up to five with a large kitchen/dining/living area and a spacious bathroom. With two dedicated sleeping accommodations that include a three-tiered bunk for children.

The two-storey shutter on the front façade winches open to form an awning, shading the interior from summer sun while allowing winter sun to enter. It reveals double-height steel-framed glass doors that open the interior much like a tent flap, connecting the living room and the mezzanine bedroom to the extraordinary view.

"The clients’ desire for sustainability is evident in the modest building size, the use of timber in cladding, structure, lining and joinery, and the manually operated mechanisation. Apart from food delivery and non-recyclable waste removal, the hut functions as a self-sustaining organism with rain-catchment tanks, a worm-tank waste system and separate potable and grey-water tanks." - Crosson

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Our Thoughts

The Whangapoua is a stunning and well designed small home that captures the eye on both the outside and inside.

With high-quality materials used throughout and all the necessities for a cabin, primary residence or guest house it's an ideal option for those looking to buy something more economical but with all the basic needs while maintaining a very eco-friendly build that's luxurious yet simplistic.

Our Ratings

Layout: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Overall Rating

9 / 10

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