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2023 Tiny Home Awards Winners

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February 23, 2024
tiny home awards winners

We're delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural Tiny Home Awards, proudly presented by

These awards honor excellence across thirteen distinct categories. From stylish interiors to eco-friendly innovations, each winner brought something unique to the table. 

Let’s start with the highest distinction, shall we?

Halcyon 02 by Fritz Tiny Homes
Halcyon 02 by Fritz Tiny Homes

Tiny House of the Year

Halcyon 02 by Fritz Tiny Homes

Halcyon 02 presents a fresh perspective on tiny home living, with its modern design that prioritizes functionality and aesthetics. The space is defined by clean lines and a selection of materials such as hardwood, custom concrete, and glass, which together create a warm, modern look. The home features integrated LED lighting and streamlined cabinetry, enhancing its sleek interior.

In this home, the design emphasizes simplicity and functionality, with large windows that invite ample natural light and a layout that avoids upper cabinets, making the space feel open and efficient. The combination of materials and smart design choices ensures that the home is both practical and stylish, offering a comfortable living environment within a compact footprint. 

What made it stand out: Halcyon 02 by Fritz Tiny Homes was celebrated for its modern design emphasizing functionality, aesthetics, and efficient use of space, setting a high standard for tiny home living.

Tru Form Tiny
Tru Form Tiny

Builder of the Year

Tru Form Tiny

Tru Form Tiny has distinguished itself in the tiny home industry by constructing over 300 homes in the last five years, showcasing a commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and innovative design. Their homes, known for their beautiful and consistent designs, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to high standards, including RVIA certification, NADA listing, and passive house building principles.

The company offers a wide range of styles, from park models to travel trailers, and even custom builds, allowing clients to tailor their homes to their preferences. The use of local, green, and high-end materials highlights Tru Form Tiny's dedication to sustainability and quality. Inside, the homes are designed to maximize space without compromising on comfort or functionality. The interiors reflect a blend of practicality and style, making efficient use of every inch.

With a focus on diversity in design and materials, Tru Form Tiny creates homes that are not just living spaces but reflections of individuality and environmental responsibility.

What made it stand out: Tru Form Tiny was recognized for its impeccable craftsmanship, innovative design, and commitment to sustainability, reflecting its position as a leader in the tiny home industry.

Losino by EcoVillages

People’s Choice

Losino by EcoVillages

Nestled within the Playa Pacifica community, the Losino tiny home redefines compact living by offering a blend of affordability and luxury typically reserved for larger estate homes. This model stands out for its exceptional value, maximizing every dollar spent.

The design caters to those who appreciate minimalism and eco-conscious living without compromising on space. The Losino is thoughtfully laid out to include an additional room, making it ideal for hosting guests, children, or grandchildren during beach getaways. Its interior is smartly designed, featuring sleek, modern finishes that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Every corner and piece of furniture is arranged to enhance living space, ensuring comfort and functionality.

Moreover, the Losino serves as an attractive investment for those looking to enter the rental market. Its optimal balance of vacationer-friendly space and competitive nightly rates makes it a preferred choice among renters, offering owners a potentially lucrative revenue stream.

What made it stand out: Losino by Ecovillages captivated voters with its blend of affordability, luxury, and thoughtful design, making efficient use of space without sacrificing comfort. Its appeal as both a personal retreat and a lucrative rental investment highlighted its exceptional value and versatility in compact living.

Designer Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny

Best Interiors

Designer Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny

The Designer Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny presents a refined example of tiny home living, where luxury seamlessly meets functionality. Centered around a spacious bathroom with a custom hickory vanity and quartz countertops, it establishes a tone of sophisticated design. The kitchen contrasts with its white cabinets and dark-stained hickory floors, complemented by rustic reclaimed wood walls.

Space is cleverly utilized, featuring open hybrid stairs and a sleek modern bathtub, highlighting the home's design efficiency. The living area is practical yet inviting, equipped with custom bench seating and a stylish walnut table. Modern amenities, including dimmable lighting, a professional kitchen range, and a retro refrigerator, are integrated with energy-efficient solutions.

This approach to tiny living emphasizes sophistication without sacrificing functionality, showcasing thoughtful craftsmanship and design details that set a new standard for tiny home interiors.

What made it stand out: Tru Form Tiny's Designer Kootenay excelled for its luxurious yet functional design, featuring a spacious bathroom, custom vanity, and efficient space utilization, setting a new standard in tiny home interiors.

Azure D-120 by Azure Printed Homes
Azure D-120 by Azure Printed Homes

Best Eco-friendly

Azure D-120 by Azure Printed Homes

Situated at TreeBones Resort, Azure D-120, also known as "The Cove Tiny House", stands as a model of modern sustainability and comfort. This project, a collaboration between Azure Printed Homes and the resort, highlights the potential of environmental innovation in construction. Made from recycled materials and powered by solar energy, the tiny home offers a smart solution for eco-friendly living without compromising on luxury. It features a cozy queen bed, a functional kitchenette, and a full bathroom with a walk-in shower, providing all the comforts of home in a compact space.

The Cove Tiny House boasts a private deck with stunning ocean views, a soaking tub, and a fire pit area, making it an ideal retreat for those looking to connect with nature. Azure Printed Homes employs a unique 3D-printing process using recycled plastic, significantly reducing waste and construction time. This approach not only supports sustainability but also offers an efficient way to build, making The Cove a notable example of innovative and responsible design in the realm of tiny homes and eco-tourism.

What made it stand out: Azure D-120 by Azure Printed Homes showcased innovative eco-friendly design using recycled materials and solar energy, coupled with a 3D-printing process that minimized waste, marking a step forward in sustainable living.

Seymour Duncan by Tru Form Tiny
Seymour Duncan by Tru Form Tiny

Most Innovative Design

Seymour Duncan by Tru Form Tiny

The Seymour Duncan Build by Tru Form Tiny merges music and tiny living in a unique way, designed for showcasing musical products at trade shows. This tiny home features a layout that includes an event stage, a hangout space, and an area for product displays, alongside a practical addition of a beer fridge. The event stage, innovative in its design, folds down for performances and integrates seamlessly for travel. Adjacent, a dedicated space allows for an engaging presentation of Seymour Duncan's musical products.

Highlighting its versatility, the kitchen is pre-plumbed and pre-wired, easily converting into a guest space, showcasing the home's adaptability beyond business use. Despite its compact size, the inclusion of a small kitchen and hangout area offers a comfortable setting for both professional and casual interactions.

Tru Form Tiny's Seymour Duncan Build stands out for its adaptability and innovative design, catering to business needs while providing a welcoming environment for guests, demonstrating a new standard for multifunctional and business-focused tiny homes.

What made it stand out: Seymour Duncan by Tru Form Tiny introduced a fold-down event stage and a convertible kitchen, offering a unique blend of functionality and space efficiency tailored for showcasing musical products.

Studio 20 “Blueberry” by California Tiny House
Studio 20 “Blueberry” by California Tiny House

Most Budget-friendly

Studio 20 “Blueberry” by California Tiny House

The California Studio series, including the Studio 20 "Blueberry" model, offers an affordable option for minimalist living with prices starting at $51,399. 

This tiny home features a bright, open floor plan accentuated by large windows that fill the space with natural light. Its single-level layout is versatile, designed to adapt to various activities like art or yoga, reflecting the homeowner's lifestyle. 

The interior combines high-quality materials and customizable options, allowing for a personalized living experience. The bold windows not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also connect residents with the outdoors. 

The living area is flexible, serving as a space for relaxation, creativity, or socializing. "Blueberry" exemplifies modern tiny living, where functionality and simplicity coexist, providing a tailored space that prioritizes the homeowner's needs and preferences.

What made it stand out: Studio 20 Blueberry by California Tiny House stood out for its affordability, natural light maximization, and versatile design, offering a quality, customizable living space at a competitive price.

Delfin by EcoVillages

Best Modern Design

Delfin by EcoVillages

Delfin, crafted by EcoVillages, presents a stylish tiny home tailored for those seeking a two-bedroom dwelling or just a bit more space in a compact design. The incorporation of a hybrid solar system allows residents to enjoy lower electricity bills with the added benefit of grid power for uninterrupted energy. The home’s grey water recycling feature is a nod to environmental sustainability, significantly reducing water usage by repurposing it to irrigate the garden.

The kitchen stands out with its large pass-through window, designed to merge indoor comfort with the outdoor environment, perfect for enjoying the Caribbean climate. This feature enhances the home's appeal by facilitating a seamless transition between cooking spaces and the natural world outside.

Delfin by EcoVillages symbolizes a practical approach to tiny home living, offering an efficient, environmentally friendly living space without sacrificing the comforts of modern living. It represents a thoughtful balance between indoor luxury and outdoor connectivity, making it an attractive option for eco-conscious individuals.

What made it stand out: Delfin by EcoVillages impressed with its hybrid solar system, grey water recycling, and indoor-outdoor kitchen connectivity, demonstrating a modern, sustainable approach to tiny living.

Purple Heart Manor by Acorn Tiny Homes
Purple Heart Manor by Acorn Tiny Homes

Most Out of the Ordinary

Purple Heart Manor by Acorn Tiny Homes

The Purple Heart Manor redefines luxury in tiny living with its smart design inspired by medieval literature and a love for purple. This 43-foot long home on wheels boasts a custom trailer, an innovative W-shaped roof for rainwater collection, and an 8-foot tall arched door with custom stained glass. Inside, the fusion of luxury and functionality is evident through features like triple-glazed windows, a rolling library ladder, and lime-washed walls.

The living area combines comfort and style with a purple velvet couch, extensive bookshelves, and a gaming station. The kitchen is equipped with retro appliances, a wide purple sink, and unique cabinets. A spa-like bathroom and a bedroom with a storage bed enhance the home's appeal, while a lofted area offers additional sleeping space and a built-in desk.

With solar power, radiant floor heating, and eco-friendly materials, the Manor is as sustainable as it is sophisticated, offering a luxurious yet practical tiny home solution.

What made it stand out: Purple Heart Manor by Acorn Tiny Homes captivated with its medieval-inspired luxury, color theme, smart design including a W-shaped roof for rainwater collection, and custom features, offering a sophisticated living experience.

Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes
Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes

Creative Use of Space

Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes

Sakura, a tiny home inspired by Japanese efficiency, offers 225 square feet of well-designed living space. This home, perfect for individuals or couples looking to downsize or live sustainably, balances compact living with comfort. Its design maximizes space without sacrificing functionality, featuring triple-glazed windows, a skylight in the bathroom, and energy-efficient construction with R29 walls, R31 floors, and ceilings.

The interior includes a fully electric setup with modern appliances and built-in cabinetry. The kitchen, hidden when not in use, is equipped with a quartz countertop, induction cooktop, and smart storage solutions. A unique bed design allows for a spacious living area during the day, while the bathroom offers a luxurious feel with tiled walls, a skylight, and water-saving fixtures.

With additional loft storage, a modular workstation, and options for solar power and home automation, Sakura is not just a house but a smart solution for modern, sustainable living. Certified for permanent residence in Canada and adaptable for the U.S., it's a testament to the beauty of minimalist, efficient design.

What made it stand out: Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes excelled in maximizing living space through efficient design, featuring a hidden kitchen and smart storage solutions, embodying the essence of minimalist, sustainable living.

Farina by Movable Roots

Most Traditional Design

Farina by Movable Roots

Perched on a 28-foot Movable Roots trailer, the Farina tiny home spans just over 300 square feet, cleverly incorporating a lofted bedroom accessible by stairs that double as storage. This design, an evolution of the Ward model, has been customized to suit its owners’ needs, demonstrating practical use of space without sacrificing style.

Inside, the home is equipped with ample custom cabinetry and storage solutions. The kitchen features an L-shaped layout with tall cabinets, open shelving made from barn wood, and LED lighting, complemented by quartz countertops that serve as a bar seating area.

The living space, designed around a specifically ordered couch, maximizes comfort and style. A 33-square-foot closet and a desk area efficiently utilize available space, leading to a bathroom with a 36" x 36" walk-in shower, subway tiles, glass enclosure, and custom storage, highlighted by an LED mirror, merging modern aesthetics with functionality.

What made it stand out: Farina by Movable Roots showcased a classic tiny home design with smart storage stairs, custom cabinetry, and a focus on comfort and style, reflecting a traditional aesthetic with modern functionality.

The Family Style by Tiny Topanga

Most Family-friendly

The Family Style by Tiny Topanga

Tiny Topanga's "Family Style" tiny home efficiently combines practicality with comfort for growing families. Its compact design cleverly maximizes space without sacrificing the essentials of family living. The kitchen, central to the home, supports family gatherings with modern appliances and access to dining areas, accommodating over six people comfortably.

The home cleverly uses its vertical space with lofts for sleeping and living. The sleeping loft offers a cozy atmosphere for rest, while the opposite loft provides a bright, versatile space for play or relaxation, benefiting from ample natural light. Three bunk beds incorporate personal space within a shared area, each with a small window for privacy and connection to the outdoors.

The living area is compact yet multifunctional, easily transitioning from a family room to a quiet space for reading. Large windows throughout enhance the interior with natural light. With options for a flush or compost toilet, the home also nods to environmental sustainability. Tiny Topanga's Family Style is a testament to living comfortably and sustainably in a thoughtfully designed, small space.

What made it stand out: The Family Style by Tiny Topanga catered to family needs with its space-efficient design, including a central kitchen, sleeping lofts, and versatile living areas, promoting comfortable and sustainable family living.

Helikon by Summit Tiny Homes
Helikon by Summit Tiny Homes

Most Compact

Helikon by Summit Tiny Homes

Helikon, crafted by Summit Tiny Homes, stands as a prime example of modern tiny home living. Upon entering, visitors are welcomed into a cozy interior that blends rustic elements with a modern design. The space is surprisingly airy, thanks to an open layout and strategic use of natural light. Wood finishes and neutral tones dominate the interior, providing a calm and inviting environment.

The kitchen is efficiently designed, featuring modern appliances and sufficient countertop space, proving that compact living doesn't compromise on functionality. The bathroom follows suit, with a smart layout that maximizes space without sacrificing style or utility.

The lofted bedroom area offers a quiet retreat, emphasizing the tiny home's commitment to combining simplicity with comfort. Overall, Helikon illustrates how thoughtful design can create a living space that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, embodying the essence of tiny home living with its clever use of space and attention to detail.

What made it stand out: Helikon by Summit Tiny Homes demonstrated efficient use of space with a cozy, well-designed interior, proving that compact living can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

For those interested in participating in the 2024 Tiny Home Awards or nominating a deserving candidate, inquiries can be directed to

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